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MMus, PGDip, PGCert, BMus(Hons)


Loree Royale Oboe (Chosen by Nicholas Daniel)

Loree Cor Anglais

Schermer Baroque oboe (Chosen by Gail Hennessey)

Paul Van Den Linden Baroque Oboe D’amore

Oboe Da Caccia by Dick Earle (Chosen by Gail Hennessey)

Reeds and Equipment

Modern Instruments

All bought Modern Oboe and Cor Anglais Reeds by Le Roseau Chantant

Modern Oboe and Cor Anglais Tube Cane: Le Roseau Chantant

Kunibert Michel Oboe Gouging Machine

Kunibert Michel Profiling Machine with a Schoenenberg Template

Kunibert Michel Shaper

Dial Micrometer by John Schroder (of CBSO)

Gregson no. 4 and 5 Knifes

Brass Oboe Staples by Loree

Baroque Instruments

All bought Baroque Reeds by Gail Hennessey

Baroque Cane gouged and shaped from

Baroque Oboe Staples: Rigotti D’amore

Baroque Oboe D’amore / Da Caccia Staples: Rigotti Cor Anglais

Matthew Dart Crooks